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NOTE: As of August 13, 2018, the BBS is temporarily down due to network issues beyond my control. It will be back up hopefully within a week's time.

Welcome to the home of Outpost BBS, The Micronet Information Network and Cheepware.

You can connect to the BBS via telnet at bbs.outpostbbs.net (existing users can use SSH). My FTP server is available via anonymous access at bbsftp.outpostbbs.net.

I (who am I?) am the system operator (sysop) of Outpost BBS, the developer behind Cheepware, and the zone coordinator of The Micronet Information Network or Micronet for short. I'm also a moderator of nine echoes in Fidonet.

If you're looking for my amateur radio blog, it can be found at kd5col.us.

Looking for Virtual Pascal? You can download it here.