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Cheepware is my line of freeware BBS doors and sysop utilties I've been developing since 1998. The doors are written in Turbo Pascal, using the FKFOSSIL doorkit along with a lot of custom code, for a 16-bit DOS system. The sysop utilities are written in Turbo Pascal and Virtual Pascal for DOS, OS/2, and Win32. The programs are Y2K compliant and don't have the RTE200 (divide by zero) bug. All of the programs are free and some are open source.

BBS Doors | Sysop Utilities

BBS Doors

The doors use the excellent FKFOSSIL doorkit by Tim Strike. They support DOOR.SYS and DORINFO1.DEF drop files as well as local logon. All of the doors are DOS, DesqView, Windows, and OS/2 multitasker friendly, use standard "pipe" or Telegard-style color codes for customization, and have a very simple one-line setup for use with your BBS (no gigantic CTL files!).

The minimum requirements to run my doors are a BBS that can support 16-bit DOS doors and can produce either the DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF (not DORINFOx.DEF) dropfiles, a FOSSIL driver, and the user must have their client's ANSI support enabled; the doors have their own internal ANSI driver so ANSI.SYS is not needed on the BBS side.

PLEASE NOTE: I can offer support for the doors if they are run under an operating system that is DOS-friendly, such as Windows up to XP, OS/2, and eComStation. If you are running my doors on a later version of Windows or under a DOS emulator such as DOSbox or DOSemu, I have been told that the doors run well under DOSemu and Linux.

Attitude Assessment v2.5 Attitude Assessment is a simple personality test (ten questions) that is fun to read and will let you see what other people might think about you.
Augury v1.0 Augury is a tarot card reader for your BBS. It uses a "four-card Celtic Cross" layout and can be modified for your tastes.

NOTE: This door is an old version, written in QuickBASIC, and needs to be updated. It also has a different setup than the rest of my doors.
Chinese Zodiac v4.5 Now you can see what sign you are in the Chinese Zodiac as well as other famous people that share your sign.
Dr. Seuss Purity Test v1.4 Just how "pure" are you? This is an adult-oriented "purity test".
FreeLiner v1.4 A simple and easy-to-use "graffiti wall" for your BBS. Features custom color codes for your users and up to ten "one-liners" displayed at once.

This door is no longer in development.
New Year's Resolution Maker Having problems making your New Year's resolutions? This fun door can help you make resolutions you can keep! This door is no longer in development.
Obama Freedom v2.0 This door counts down the days until January 20, 2017, which will (hopefully) be the day America will be free from Obama and his cronies. This version is a complete rewrite of the old version and is no longer a "door" but a regular executable.
The Magic Oracle v13.0 Have questions about life that you just can't get the answers to? Now you and your users can ask The Magic Oracle! A fun door that is completely customizable for your tastes. This version supports multi-line "answers".
The Magic Oracle/WINS v1.0 Frank Rauhuff (Solitude) ported The Magic Oracle to work natively with WINServer. Of course, this version will only work with WINServer BBS software.
Quote of the Day v1.5 A simple, easy to use "quote of the day" door for your BBS. You can use this as a regular door or using the special "logoff" mode to be run as a logoff door.

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Sysop Utilities

FYI: If you are looking for TinyTIC, it has a home at SourceForge. TinyTIC's coder, Michael Dillion (GSValore), keeps a low profile but is still interested in helping people with TinyTIC. If you wish to contact him, please send me a message and I'll forward it to him.

CCode (CheepCode)
This little gem will create good strong passwords from 2 to 255 characters in length.
CDCFC (CD Control File Creator) is a utility for Maximus BBS sysops to assist in importing shareware CDs into their FILEAREA.CTL (filebase) control file.
CHILL is a countdown timer for use in batch files or REXX scripts.
Day of Year
This utility will tell you what day of the year it is. Very handy for making nodelists.
This Shotgun Professional BBS-specific utility will allow the sysop to create user mailboxes via remote if need be to allow remote file transfers to/from the BBS seperate of the filebase.

NOTE: This utility/door is no longer supported and uses a different setup than the rest of my utilities.
EzyMenuDump (EMD)
This utility for Ezycom BBS will enable the sysop to dump Ezycom's binary MNU files to a text file for easier debugging.
This is an OS/2 INF file on how to set up LORD 4.07 using the OS/2-native executable under an OS/2-native BBS.
An improved version of Maximus's DORINFO1.DEF script I'd written for use with my BBS doors and Maximus/2. This script is designed for use with Maximus/2, but can easily be modified to work with other versions of Maximus.
A quick, easy and free way to enable the Telegard/2 sysop to drop to a shell (CMD.EXE) under Telegard/2. MAXPIPE.EXE is part of the Maximus/2 BBS package. Includes MAXPIPE.EXE and clear instructions on how to set this up.
NewsMaker v1.1
  »DOS, Win32, OS/2
NewsMaker is a simple program to allow the sysop to make a "news" file (or any other kind of text file) using ANSI color codes or your BBS's color or control codes. Includes DOS, Win32 and OS/2 versions in the archive.
PBLOGIT will post a line of text to the end of a text-based log file using ProBoard's logging style (but can be used by other software easily). Great for putting in log entries about nightly batch files, offline events, and more.
PBWhoCalled will generate a HTML file of the last ten callers to your ProBoard-based BBS. Included are instructions on how to automatically update the HTML file and upload it to your remotely hosted website (for OS/2 and Win32; requires cURL).
SEMA creates a semaphore file for use with any program that requires one. This program can be used with batch files and REXX scripts.
This is a compile of Pascal source code for a tagline sorter (doesn't detect dupes) that I found in the Fidonet TAGLINES echo. The Pascal source code is included in the archive.
This freeware utility for DOS, Win32, and OS/2, will read a tagline file and extract all lines up or equal to a line length you specify then put them into a new file for use with offline mail readers that can use taglines up to n characters in length.
  »OS/2, Win32
This utility is for Telegard BBS (v3.09 and above) software only. TGShort will allow you to generate a short message to put into SHORTMSG.DAT.
Twitkill/2 v1.2
Ported to OS/2 by Michael Dillon and Sean Dennis based on the original public domain TWITKILL C-based source code by John Gardeniers. Twitkill/2 is a global twit filter for Squish/2 (OS/2). Use this to get rid of messages from (or to) those people who annoy you in more than one message area. Various options allow you to filter different types of mail areas using different twit lists. Public domain and includes the source code as modified by Michael Dillon for compiling under OS/2 using OpenWatcom.
  »DOS/DPMI (32-bit)
UUUtils consists of public domain UUencode/UUdecode Pascal source code I'd found on the Web and recompiled for the platforms listed. The original source code is included in each archive.
WCount is a little utility that will count the number of times a word appears in a text file. It's handy in a lot of different projects!

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