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Cheepware is my line of freeware BBS doors and software I started to develop back in 1998 using Turbo Pascal 7 for the 16-bit DOS platform. If you're interested in how Cheepware came to be, here's a short history.


The doors are hiding out here.

Currently, all Cheepware doors are 16-bit DOS doors. These doors have been proven to run under Windows (32-bit), OS/2 (eComStation/ArcaOS), and Linux using DOSemu. The requirements for my doors to work with your BBS:

  • A 16-bit DOS environment, whether native (i.e. Win32 and OS/2) or emulated (DOSemu under Linux).
  • A FOSSIL driver. I have tested these doors with ADF, BNU, and X00 FOSSIL drivers.
  • A BBS capable of producing the standard 52-line DOOR.SYS 1) or DORINFO1.DEF 2). I recommend using DORINFO1.DEF where possible.
  • ANSI.SYS is not needed on the BBS side. The door has its own ANSI driver built-in.
  • A sysop who will read and understand the instructions provided. :-)

Linux users: Please read this page if you are using my doors under Linux.

I do have a Github repository with working code for a Linux-based version of “The Magic Oracle”. Please note that door and code are unsupported at this time. All instructions are there for you to compile your own version.


The utilities are available here.

I have written several utilities, both general and BBS-specific, in Pascal and other languages. The utilities are available for one or more of the following operating systems: DOS, OS/2 (32-bit), Win32, and Linux.

Ezycom's “short” DOOR.SYS dropfile will not work with my doors.
NOT DORINFOx.DEF; has to be the single-node DORINFO1.DEF.
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