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MBSE BBS is a Linux-specific BBS software package that was originally developed by Michiel Broek in the Netherlands starting in the early 90s. He has since stopped developing the software but released it as open source under the GPL license.

MBSE is a fully-featured and mainly self-contained BBS, drawing on the inherent power of Linux to provide a solid BBS system. However, MBSE was never “fully” finished and there are some features and other things that are being worked on. The software includes:

  • Supports full configurable ANSI menus, multiple languages, standard file transfer protocols, native GNU/Linux doors, DOS doors using dosemu and BlueWave and QWK offline readers.
  • The mailer supports FTS-0001, YooHoo/2U2, EMSI protocols over modem, TCP/IP IPv4 and IPv6 IFC and Binkp protocols. Zedzap, Zmodem, Telink and Hydra file transfer protocols.
  • Full FTN mail support, including automatic routing for hub and host systems.
  • Internal mail format is JAM© message base system.
  • Full TIC file support, including extended TIC files.
  • OS: GNU/Linux and *BSD, 32/64 bit versions.
  • Telnet and SSH connections

However, MBSE is not for the faint of heart or brand-new to Linux. MBSE does have a learning curve but once that curve is navigated, MBSE is a strong, solid BBS system that will run without constant tinkering.

MBSE is currently being maintained mainly by Andrew Leary with occasional support by me.

Please note that MBSE's documentation is rather old and is outdated in some parts. We're working on updating the documentation. :-)

If you'd like to download MBSE and give it a try, please visit MBSE's Sourceforge repository.

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