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The Micronet Information Network

I started the Micronet Information Network (Micronet) on September 1, 2000, as an alternative to other BBS mail networks. In Micronet, we try to keep it small, friendly and something you'll enjoy participating in. We're always looking for more systems and people to participate!

Download the infopack to join Micronet!

If you have any questions about Micronet, please don't hesitate to contact me.

We offer full node feeds via the following:

  • FTN: BinkP, FTP, ifcico*, dialup* and email*
  • QWK: Synchronet and WINServer
  • NNTP: Synchronet

Point feeds are available via FTN (BinkP/FTP/email*).

* = Limited availability; not all hubs support these feed methods.

If you'd like to take a look at Micronet, please visit one of the following Micronet hub BBS systems:

BBS Name Net Number Connection
Outpost BBS Micronet HQ telnet://
Bits 'n Bytes BBS Net 100: US East Coast telnet://
Curmudgeon's Place BBS Net 200: US Midwest telnet://
Capitol City BBS Net 250: US Southeastern 1-502-875-8938 (Frankfort, KY)
realitycheck BBS Net 300: US West Coast telnet://
Darkrealms BBS Net 500: International Hub 1-416-273-8639 (Toronto, Canada)

If you'd like to join Micronet or if you're looking for the latest nodelist, just download the infopack. If you have any questions about Micronet, please contact me.

If you'd like to talk to us directly, come visit us on IRC in #micronet on (SSL on port 6669). No IRC client? No problem! You can click here to join us using Mibbit, a Web-based IRC client. You will be joined to #bbs and #micronet. Look for digimaus (me) or bitbyter (Andrew Leary) in either channel.

Micronet is home to InterBBS (IBBS) League 618. We have the following games available:

  • Barren Realms Elite, Falcon's Eye, The Arcadian Legends
  • Legend of the Red Dragon (InterLORD and LORDNet)
  • The GAC Tournament line of doors (Blackjack, Freecell, Wahoo)
  • The Clans
  • MegaSlots and ZombieSlots

You can download League 618's infopack if you want more information. You must be a member of Micronet in good standing and have a FTN−style network feed to participate in League 618.

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