Cheepware General Utilities

These utilties can be used with or without a BBS. Some utilties have native executables for different operating systems. The OS/2 and Windows executables are 32-bit. The DOS executables are all 16-bit.

 NOTE: There is no support offered for any of these utilities.

CWait (OS/2, Win32) CWait pauses the execution of a batch file for a specified number of seconds.
Day of Year (DOS) This utility will tell you what day number of the year it is. Very handy for making nodelists.
NewsMaker (DOS, Win32, OS/2) NewsMaker is a simple program to allow the sysop to make a "news" file (or any other kind of text file) using ANSI color codes or your BBS's color or control codes. Includes DOS, Win32 and OS/2 versions.
LORDP32 (OS/2) This is an OS/2 INF file on how to set up LORD/2 4.07 under an OS/2-native BBS.
PassGen (DOS, OS/2, Win32, Win64) PassGen is a simple command-line password generator that will create passwords using alphanumeric characters from 8 to 255 characters in length.
QuikView (DOS, OS/2, Win32) An ANSI file viewer that can be used standalone or with another program (such as timEd).
Sorter (DOS) This is a compile of Pascal source code for a tagline sorter (doesn't detect dupes) that I found in the Fidonet TAGLINES echo that originally came from the SWAG Pascal collection. The Pascal source code is included in the archive.
SWait (OS/2, Win32) SWait pauses the execution of a batch file until a pre-created, user-specified semaphore file is deleted and can optionally wait a user-specified number of seconds before allowing the batch file to continue execution.
TrimATag (DOS, OS/2, Win32) This utility will read a text tagline file and extract all lines up or equal to a line length you specify then put them into a new file for use with offline mail readers that can use taglines up to n characters in length.
Twitkill/2 (OS/2) Ported to OS/2 by Michael Dillon and Sean Dennis based on the original public domain TWITKILL C-based source code by John Gardeniers. Twitkill/2 is a global twit filter for Squish/2. Use this to get rid of messages from (or to) those people who annoy you in more than one message area. Various options allow you to filter different types of mail areas using different twit lists. Public domain and includes the source code for compiling under OS/2 using OpenWatcom.
UUUtils (DOS, OS/2, Win32, Win64) UUUtils is a set of UUencode/UUdecode programs using source code from SWAG that I compiled for 16-bit DOS, 32-bit OS/2, 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows. All versions and source code are included in this archive.
WCount (OS/2, Win32) WCount is a little utility that will count the number of times a word appears in a text file.

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