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NOTE: I am not the author of Meal-Master. I do not offer any support for it.

Meal-Master is a freeware DOS-based recipe management database software package. It was, and continues to be, a popular program that works well even in today's point-and-click world. Many of today's recipe database management programs will import and export Meal-Master formatted recipe files and databases.

NOTE: THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT RUN NATIVELY UNDER 64-BIT VERSIONS OF WINDOWS! To use this with 64-bit versions of Windows, you must install a DOS emulator such as DOSbox or vDosPlus (my personal recommendation). Meal-Master will run natively in DOS and in 32-bit versions of Windows that have a VDM. Meal-Master works in OS/2, eComStation, and ArcaOS using OS/2's built-in VDM. Meal-Master will run in Linux using DOSbox or DOSemu and in a DOS virtual machine on any platform.

Meal-Master can consume 100% CPU when running. Be aware.

The instructions on how to install MM from its former official webpage:

Download Meal-Master:

Meal-Master is ©1986-1998 Scott Welliver and Episoft Systems. All rights reserved.

What Meal-Master can do for you (from the original webpage):

Meal-Master is a complete recipe management system for IBM and IBM-compatible computers. A Meal-Master database can hold approximately 65,000 recipes (subject to disk space availability), and if desired, you can create multiple databases on different disks for unlimited capacity. A series of easy to use menus guide new users through the program with ease, while providing experienced users with quick access to advanced features.

Recipes can be entered into the program using simple "fill in the blanks" forms and a built-in editor. Each recipe can have a combined 100 lines of ingredients and directions, and can be cross-referenced to five different categories of your choosing. Quantities can be entered in common fractions (like "1-1/2"), or as decimal fractions (like "1.5"). Regardless of how quantities are entered, they can be automatically changed to the other format whenever desired. Both English and Metric measures are supported, including automatic conversion between the two systems.

An extensive search function makes finding recipes a snap. You can search for all recipes that have a certain word or phrase in the title, all recipes in a certain category, all recipes that contain a certain ingredient, or any combination of these. Up to five ingredient searches can be combined, using a simple English-like format; for example, searching for "beef and cheese and -salt" will list all recipes that contain both beef and cheese, but not salt, in their ingredients.

Recipes can be printed in several formats. A flexible printer setup feature allows Meal-Master to be tailored for your particular printer, so that special margins and fonts can be used if your printer supports them. The program can easily print on various paper sizes, including 3"x5" or 4"x6" recipe cards.

An automatic re-scaling feature is included, so that when a recipe's serving quantity is changed the ingredient amounts are automatically increased or decreased proportionately. The new ingredient amounts can be held for a single viewing or printing of the recipe, or they can be made permanent. Serving quantities from 1 to 9,999 provide support for the smallest household, or the largest commercial catering applications.

Multiple recipes can be "marked" for later "batch" printing, or to produce a shopping list. When a shopping list is prepared, the ingredients from all marked recipes are collected and sorted, and like ingredients are combined for a single quantity.

Indexes can be prepared in two formats, so that you can obtain a list of your recipes by Title only, or by Category and Title. These indexes can be limited to a portion of the file, like an alphabetic range of titles or a specific category, if desired.

Shopping lists and indexes can be viewed on the screen, printed, or written to DOS files. The latter option allows using these with Word Processor systems for editing, custom changes, or publishing uses.

Exchanging recipes with other family or friends that use Meal-Master is especially easy. The program's "Export" feature can be used to copy selected recipes from the database into standard DOS files. These files can be sent via floppy disk (or by using a modem and communication software) to another Meal-Master user, who can then "Import" them into their own database without any retyping.

Many people use Meal-Master to catalog their own personal recipes, while others use it to assemble and exchange huge collections of recipes through the electronic services. Meal-Master's Export/Import features have resulted in thousands of recipes being available at no extra charge through electronic services like GEnie, Compuserve, Prodigy, and electronic bulletin board systems (BBS), or for a small fee from many shareware and public domain software distribution services.

Meal-Master requires an IBM or IBM-compatible system with at least 640k of memory, one disk drive, and DOS version 3.0 or higher. A hard drive is recommended, but not required. All display types are supported.

Beginning with version 8.06, Meal-Master is distributed as "freeware." Individuals and non-profit organizations are hereby granted a limited license to use the software at no charge. All others, including companies, corporations, government agencies, and other for-profit organizations must contact Episoft Systems for a licensing quote and terms agreement. All rights are retained and reserved by Scott Welliver and Episoft Systems, and no other entity may sell or otherwise charge for distribution, copies, or rentals of the software.