Cheepware BBS Sysop Utilities

I've written various sysop utilities over the years for different BBS software I have used. There are a few utilities written by friends in this list also. Some utilties have native executables for different operating systems. The OS/2 and Windows executables are 32-bit. The DOS executables are all 16-bit though TinyTIC does have a 32-bit DOS DPMI executable.

 NOTE: There is no support offered for any of these utilities that I wrote. For support for others' utilities, please contact that program's author directly or contact me and I will put you in touch with them. There is no support offered at all for TinyTIC.

EzyMenuDump (DOS) This utility will enable the sysop to dump Ezycom's binary MNU files to a text file for easier debugging.
EzyPEdit (DOS) This archive contains instructions on how to set up the PEdit external editor with Ezycom and includes a patched version of PEDIT.EXE and a revised PEDIT.CTL for use with Ezycom.
SyncEzy (DOS) SyncEzy explains how to set up the SyncEdit external editor with Ezycom. The archive contains SyncEdit 3.05 (patched for Y2K).
Open!EDIT v0.99K (DOS) by Shawn Highfield A freeware full-screen editor for any BBS that uses the MSGTMP standard. Can also be used as an OLMR editor! Too many features to be listed here.
TinyTIC (DOS/Windows) by Michael Dillon and Sean Dennis
DOS DPMI | Win32 | v Source | v Source
This is the original TinyTIC written in C developed this back in the early 2000s. TinyTIC doesn't have hatching capabilities but it would be easy to write a batch file to do so. There is a more recent version of TinyTIC available but it is not by the original authors and seems to be abandoned. There's no support for TinyTIC.
BDBulletin (DOS, OS/2, Win32) by Shawn Highfield Creates MECCA and HTML bulletins for your Maximus BBS. Originally written by Stewart Honsberger with fix by Shawn Highfield to fix the broken links created in the bulletins. Archive includes Pascal source code for the link fix.
CDCFC (OS/2, Win32) This program will assist the Maximus sysop by creating a FILEAREA.CTL for Night Owl shareware CDs.
DOOR32.SYS MECCA (DOS, OS/2, Win32) A DOOR32.SYS MECCA script written for Maximus/2 but should work for all versions of Maximus BBS with minor modification.
DORINFO1.DEF MECCA (DOS, OS/2, Win32) An improved version of Maximus's DORINFO1.DEF MECCA script for Maximus/2 but should work for all versions of Maximus BBS with modification.
PBLOGIT (DOS) PBLOGIT will post a line of text to the end of a text-based log file using ProBoard's logging style (but can be used by other software easily). Great for putting in log entries about nightly batch files, offline events, and more.
PBWhoCalled (DOS) PBWhoCalled will generate a HTML file of the last ten callers to your ProBoard BBS. Included are instructions on how to automatically update the HTML file and upload it to your remotely hosted website (for OS/2 and Win32; requires cURL).
DIZMake (DOS) This utility for Shotgun Professional BBS will allow the sysop to create user mailboxes via remote if need be to allow remote file transfers to/from the BBS separate of the filebase. The source code to this program has been lost.
MAXPTG2 (OS/2) A quick, easy and free way to enable the Telegard/2 sysop to drop to a shell (CMD.EXE) under Telegard/2.
Recent (OS/2) This is a CGI written in Pascal and compiled for OS/2 (it should work in Win32) for Telegard to show the last ten callers to your Telegard BBS.
TGDisplay (DOS, OS/2, Win32) Displays a text file with TG-style ("`") color codes in it at the command prompt.
TGReport I wrote TGReport to allow me to generate mailing labels from Telegard's userbase file(s). This should work for all versions of Telegard BBS v3.09 and up. This archive contains source code (use either Turbo/Borland Pascal for DOS or Virtual Pascal for OS/2 or Win32).
TGShort (OS/2, Win32) TGShort will allow you to generate a short message to put into SHORTMSG.DAT. For Telegard BBS v3.09 and up.

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