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This page is for software that is either open source, public domain or "abandoned" by its author (usually with a key to make the software "freeware"). I have run into several programs in my time that would be worthy, but there are a few that I've actually used. I hope you'll find these programs worthy of your time and effort. Please note that I cannot offer any support of any kind for these programs so you're on your own. I have used all of these programs and know they work fine for me.

Automated Maintenance Utility (AMU)

Automated Maintenance Utility is a BBS utility program written by David Hickey that was released as open source in 1999. It's for Concord, Ezycom, LoraBBS, Maximus, Proboard, QuickBBS, RemoteAccess, SuperBBS and Telegard BBS packages. It will do all sorts of nightly maintenance to your filebases, user records, create ANSI/ASCII/HTML bulletins, make nightly ALLFILES listings and so much more. You really have to check it out to see all that it can do. AMU is available for DOS, Win32 and OS/2. AMU is Y2K compliant. Follow the steps below to install AMU:

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SGMail is an excellent freeware ARCmail-type (netmail attach/dynamic outbound) front-end mailer written by Brent Shellenberg of Shotgun Professional BBS fame. Unfortunately, Brent is no longer involved with BBSing, but he did make SGMail freeware. I highly recommend that if you're considering using SGMail that you download and read thoroughly my SGMail FAQ. SGMail's documentation was never complete and I've managed to remember and tinker enough to get SGMail working reliably on my system. So before you download, please read my FAQ about SGMail and then decide if you want to try it.

If you decide you want to try SGMail, download the version that you need. If you're running the DOS version, you really ought to install TAME (there are DOS and Win32 versions) first before you try to run SGMail. The OS/2 version doesn't have any CPU usage problems.

NOTE: I'd recommend using version 3.00 over version 4.00. Version 4.00 has a lot of hooks and features for a BBS Brent was working on which never was released and version 3.00 seems to have worked better for me.

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