About Me

I've been using BBSes off and on since 1984. I decided to start my own BBS in 1996 with the help of a friend and fellow sysop, Scott McNay, in Fidonet Net 396 in Killeen, Texas. I had tinkered with GAP, TriBBS, and Renegade BBS software in 1994 but joining the US Army in 1995 changed my plans. In 1996, I bought my very first copy of OS/2 Warp 4 and began a 20+ year love affair with the little OS that could. My first public BBS, AfterHours/2 BBS, was running Telegard and then Telegard/2 (OS/2 native) when it came out. I switched to Maximus/2 BBS software (part of the Max/Squish/BinkleyTerm combination) a short time later. I've tried out and used several dozen BBS packages over the years as well as having run a BBS under DOS, OS/2, Windows, and Linux.

I've been a member of Fidonet, for better and for worse, since 1996. I am still a member today, being a regional independent node since 2000 (1:18/200). I am the moderator of the CHWARE, COOKING, HAM, HOME_COOKING, MUFFIN, and TUB echoes and a co-moderator of the BBS_CARNIVAL in Fidonet.

The Micronet Information Network, my FTN mail network, was only meant to be an experiment when I created it on September 1, 2000 but here it is, over twenty years later, and still going strong. We have nodes on six continents and the network continues to grow. We also now gate mail to QWK and NNTP via Synchronet gates.

Cheepware was an experiment also as in 1998, I discovered a BBS door I liked but it was unregisterable nagware (meaning it nagged you every time you ran it to be registered). I sat down and created "The Magic Oracle". I originally meant the door for my own use but a few of my fellow sysops wanted it so I came up with "Cheepware"—because sysops are notoriously and infamously cheap—and I released my door as freeware. Fast forward a couple of decades and many programs later, Cheepware is still around.

I will continue to keep running my BBS and working on my software when I have the time and energy to do so. I am medically retired and sometimes I just don't have the energy I did when I first started this journey. I still enjoy the hobby even though it's become much more of a niche hobby over the years.

In addition to BBSing, I am an amateur radio operator. I hold the highest class of license in the US, an Extra Class, and my callsign is KS4TD. I really enjoy how amateur radio combines many of my favorite hobbies into one. You can visit my amateur radio website for more information.

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