Outpost BBS

About Me

I've been using BBSes off and on since 1984. I decided to start my own BBS in 1996 with the help of a friend, Scott McNay (in Fidonet Net 396 in Killeen, Texas). I had tinkered with GAP and TriBBS software in 1994 but wasn't able to host a board until in 1996. My first BBS, AfterHours/2 BBS, was running Telegard and then Telegard/2 (OS/2-native) when it came out. I've tried out and used several dozen BBS packages over the years as well as having run a BBS under OS/2 and Windows. I used OS/2 up until 2016 when I decided to modernize my BBS and switch over to using Slackware Linux for the OS and MBSE BBS for the actual BBS software.

I'm now a member of the MBSE development team and have contributed a few small code changes but have mainly been working on the documentation which has been no small task. I also test new features. I am planning on doing more as time goes on. In August 2017, I purchased a used server to house the BBS on. I'm hoping to one day host the BBS and this domain at home on the same server.

I've been a member of Fidonet, for better and for worse, since 1996. I am still a member today, having had the same node number since 2000. Micronet was only meant to be an experiment when I created it on 1 Sepetember 2000 but here it is, all these years later, and still going strong.

Cheepware was an experiment also as in 1998, I discovered a BBS door I liked but it was unregisterable nagware (meaning it nagged you every time you ran it to be registered). I sat down and created "The Magic Oracle". I originally meant the door for my own use but a few of my fellow sysops wanted it, so I created the Cheepware name--because sysops are notoriously cheap--and I released my door as freeware. Fast forward several years and many programs later, Cheepware is still around. I'm working on porting my doors to run under Linux and am hoping to finally open source the code under my Cheepware License (a BSD-like license) for others to continue development when I have had enough.

But that time has not come yet so I will continue to keep running my BBS and working on my software when I have the time and energy to do so. I still enjoy the hobby even though it's become much more of a niche hobby over the years.