Cheepware BBS Doors

My BBS doors should run on any BBS that supports 16-bit DOS doors, a FOSSIL driver (I use X00), and produces either the DORINFO1.DEF or DOOR.SYS dropfile. SHARE.EXE must be loaded at runtime. ANSI.SYS is not needed since the door has its own ANSI driver but the user must have a terminal client that supports ANSI graphics.

These doors have been successfully run under DOS, OS/2 and its newer derivatives, 32-bit Windows, and Linux using DOSemu. I have been told they do run under 64-bit Windows using NTVDMx64, DOSbox, and DOSbox-X but I am unable to offer support for doors run by these methods.

The source code for my doors is available and is released using the Cheepware License (BSD-like). If you're interested, please contact me for more details.

Attitude Assessment 2.8 A fun, non-scientific "attitude assessment test" you can take to see how others might possibly view you and your personality.
Augury 1.0 A tarot card reader door I wrote for a former friend. Please note Augury is written in QuickBASIC and uses a different setup than the rest of my doors.
Chinese Zodiac 4.7 Shows the user their Chinese zodiac sign based on their birth year and famous people who they share the same sign with.
Dr. Seuss Purity Test 2.2 A silly "purity" test for adults 18 and over.
Freeliner 1.4 An easy-to-use "oneliner" door for your BBS users. Supports pipe and Telegard color codes.
Quote Of The Day 1.6 A simple "quote of the day" door. It has a few special features to be run as part of a BBS login setup.
The Magic Oracle 15.4 "You've got questions; we've got stupid answers." A sarcastic "fortune teller" inspired by the Magic 8-Ball® toy.

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