The FidoGazette

The FidoGazette is an alternative newsletter for Fidonet sysops. I founded the FidoGazette in 2007 but due to personal issues, I stepped down as editor and Janis Kracht took over. In 2022, I once again took the helm of editor.

The 'Gazette is published weekly on Mondays in the FIDOGAZETTE echo and hatched out through the FGAZETTE filebone. However, if I am not feeling up to it, I will skip a week (or two). I try very hard not to do that though!

If you want to get the latest issue or an older one, please look here. You can download the FidoGazette submission guidelines and article categories.

We are always accepting articles from Fidonet sysops! Please see the FidoGazette submission guidelines and article categories documentation for more information. There's always something you can contribute! We're also looking for sysops who would like to write a regular column for the 'Gazette.

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