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About Outpost BBS

Outpost BBS is a hobby I've had since 1998 when I opened my first public bulletin board system (BBS). The current BBS is running MBSE BBS under FreeBSD on a Dell Optiplex 390 (Intel Core i5 (quad-core)@3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 2.25 TB disk storage).

You can connect to the Outpost via telnet to bbs.outpostbbs.net. New accounts are usually verified within 24 hours. Existing users can use SSH to connect to the BBS.

Note thisNOTE: Creating an account on the BBS will require you to disclose your real name and other personal information. Fake accounts will be deleted.

Outpost BBS is the home of:

The BBS is a member of Fidonet at 1:18/200 and offers full and point feeds for Fidonet. For more information about a Fidonet feed, please contact me. For Micronet feeds, please visit the Micronet website.

I am a member of the MBSE Development Team and my BBS tends to run alpha code.

Offline mail is available via QWK and Blue Wave for all local and networked message bases, including netmail (via Blue Wave). I highly recommend using Multimail for your offline mail reading as Multimail is a modern console mode offline mail reader for DOS, OS/2, Win32, Win64, Linux, FreeBSD, and OS X.

The BBS offers a few doors[1] for your enjoyment:

Outpost offers a good-sized filebase with an eclectic mix of files covering a wide range of interests such as BBSing, amateur radio, OS/2 support, programming, and food-related files.

1 = FreeBSD does not have a working DOS emulator that will work with MBSE. I am in the process of porting my BBS doors to run under FreeBSD.

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