Outpost BBS

About the BBS

Outpost BBS is a hobby I've had since 1998 when I opened my first public BBS. The current BBS is running MBSE BBS under Slackware 64 Linux on a HPE ProLiant ML110 G6 server (2.4gHz quad-core Xeon processor, 8 GB RAM, 2x250GB hard drives).

You can connect to the Outpost via telnet at bbs.outpostbbs.net on port 2303. Existing users can connect to the BBS using SSH on port 2202. The FTP server is available at bbsftp.outpostbbs.net. Anonymous FTP is the only access available. Current BBS users may request an account (your BBS account is separate from the FTP server).

Outpost BBS is the home of Cheepware BBS doors and utilities, the Fidonet CH-WARE Cheepware file distribution system, and The Micronet Information Network which uses zone 618. Outpost BBS is a member of Fidonet (1:18/200). The BBS is also a MBSE test BBS because there's nothing like running test code in production.

I offer full and point feeds for Fidonet. For more information, please contact me. For Micronet feeds, please visit the Micronet website.

Offline mail is available in Blue Wave and QWK for all local and networked message bases. Offline netmail access is available via Blue Wave.

The BBS offers several doors for your enjoyment like multinode Scrabble, Triple Yahtzee, Stack 'Em, Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Exitilus, and the entire line of Cheepware DOS doors. More doors will be added as time allows and user demand grows.

The BBS's filebase is small right now but will be growing as time allows. In addition to the good-sized local filebase with a myriad of files, I will be adding classic shareware CDs including CDs from the "Night Owl" and "Cream of the Crop" series. The BBS has a large collection of files for the BBS sysop as well as the OS/2 user that I've collected over the years. The BBS-related file areas are filled with different files that a BBS sysop or user might need.