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Cheepware: Celebrating 20 years!

Cheepware is my line of freeware and open source BBS doors and utilities. I began working on my first BBS door, "The Magic Oracle", in 1998. I originally wrote TMO for myself but distributed it to the public hoping other BBS sysops would find my door entertaining. I've been releasing my software to the public ever since. I have written a lot of BBS utilties over the years. A few of my fellow BBS sysops have released software through my CH-WARE filebone also.

I have started to upload my source code to my Cheepware repository at GitHub.

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Cheepware DOS doors:

The minimum requirement to run my doors on a BBS:

NOTE: A program with an * after its name means the door is no longer supported and more than likely its source code has been lost.

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Everything Else

This is everything else that I've developed or released for friends that isn't a BBS door.

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